Success Story: Salman Khan

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

MIT Alumnus Salman Khan ’98 is a media darling!



Salman Khan (Founder and Executive Director)




Creator of


Founded in



Salman Khan was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is of South Asian descent; his father is from Barisal, Bangladesh and his mother was born in Kolkata, India.

Khan holds three degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a BS in mathematics, a BS in electrical engineering and computer science, and an MS in electrical engineering and computer science. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In late 2004, Khan began tutoring his cousin Nadia in mathematics using Yahoo!’s Doodle notepad. When other relatives and friends sought his tutorial, he decided it would be more practical to distribute the tutorials on YouTube. Their popularity there and the testimonials of appreciative students prompted Khan to quit his job in finance in 2009 and focus on the Academy full-time.

Bill Gates once said that “I’d say we’ve moved about 160 IQ points from the hedge fund category to the teaching-many-people-in-a-leveraged-way category. It was a good day his wife let him quit his job.”

Khan Academy provides online tutoring and innumerable quality videos on MATHS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, FINANCE, ECONOMICS, HEALTHCARE and many other subjects which are being included day by day.

A thoughtful and innovative way of getting education free of cost. Thanks to the innovator and creator SALMAN KHAN!!



Salman Khan at TED 2011



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